Marketing isn't just for big companies with marketing departments.

We make marketing accessible to all companies.

Our Unique Process


We work with businesses to develop the foundation of their marketing strategy. We help organizations to understand their place in the market and how to add the most value to customers.


Once you have an established marketing strategy, you are ready to begin implementing your plan. With Oak Arbor Marketing, implementation involves content creation and content marketing.

Whether you need a once-a-month consultation to steer you in the right direction, or a more hands-on marketing approach, we have something for you.



Why Hire Us?

Those who planned out their marketing are reportedly 331% more successful than their peers, according to a study by CoSchedule.
According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a marketing consultant in Seattle, WA is over $110,000 per year. Oak Arbor Media’s rates are a fraction of this cost.
64% of those who consider their business to be very or extremely successful with content marketing have a documented content strategy, according to a study conducted by CMI.

Some of our amazing clients

“I would recommend Morgan and her team because they came in and they took the time to understand who we were. Everything from lighting, to where we sat, to how we sounded, the way we looked, to the content to the messaging. She paid attention to detail and was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her due to the nature of how much she puts into her work and conveying our message”​
“Morgan and her team did an amazing job highlighting the values and service the Clinic has done for NC State students and key players in the startup community. Cannot recommend her enough. Proud of this NC State grad and her quality work. We are customers for the long-run.”
NC State E-Clinic

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How It Works


We want to learn more about you and your company to determine if we are a good fit.

Proposal Review

If we can help your organization, we will set up an additional call to review our service proposal.


We will create a plan and work with your team to deliver the services needed to help your organization reach its goals.

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